Fund Raising Exercises

  • Project Financing
    • 225MW Gas-Fired Power Plant in India with a financing amount up to USD200 million
    • Oil & Gas exploration in Kazakhstan with financing amount of up to USD80 million
    • Build, Operate and Transfer of clean room facilities in Morocco with an amount of EURO20 million
    • Biomass Steam Turbine facility in Kertih with project financing of up to RM75million
    • Prepare the securities and loan documentations for a national cooperative providing funding of about RM1.2 billion to a government linked agency
  • Trade Facilities
    • Oil & Gas floating facilities BG and LC amounting USD 100 million.
    • Bank Guarantees and Letter of Credit facilities for a national petroleum company with amount of up to RM1 billion.
    • Letter of Credit, BA and Trust Receipt facilities for a garment company of up to RM80million.
  • Equity Investment
    • Close-ended funds for Asia Pacific investment that includes shipping and real estate. Total amount is up to USD200 million.
  • Sukuk/ Islamic Bond
    • Goal mining in Pahang with amount of AUD250 million.
    • A mid size investment bank in Bahrain with amount of USD250 million
  • Term Loan
    • Bridging financing of RM300 million for Real Estate Investment in Medini, Iskandar Malaysia.
    • Financing of properties in London with amount of GDP40 million


Implementation of New Departments/ Systems for Islamic Banking

  • Islamic Banks (Local Banks and Locally Incorporated Foreign Banks)
    • set up support departments (Credit Management, Credit Support, Early Care) for new Islamic banks
    • implemented IT / core banking system for Islamic Banks including Trade Facilities ( end to end process flow such as user requirements, test scripts, UAT, liaising with relevant vendors for B2B processes)
    • set up internal control and monitoring framework for bank’s overall activities
    • produced internal policies such as Risk Policy, Credit Policy, Asset and Liability Management, Business Continuity Plan, Anti-Money Laundering etc.
    • produced blueprints/ manual for process and procedures
  • Cooperative becoming banks and financial institutions in Malaysia
  • Foreign Bank in the MENA Region
    • In advance negotiation with a foreign bank incorporated abroad in implementation of an overall Islamic banking operation.


Human Capital Development

  • In affiliation with IBFIM
    • 2011 to present: Provision of training services for local banks and the public in relation to Islamic financial services, operations and products. Amongst the participants were foreign bankers and regulators from Brunei, Turkey and Germany. The training was conducted in Malaysia.
    • 2013: Provision of training services relating to trade finance for senior management team of various Islamic banks in Afghanistan. The training was conducted in Malaysia.
  • Indonesia
    • 2013: Provision of training services regarding Risk Management in Islamic Finance for employees of various Islamic banks in Indonesia. The training was conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia.